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Santa Ana Conservatorship Attorney

Sometimes, as people age, they might stay in good physical health, but their mental abilities might diminish. Just because someone develops dementia or a related disorder does not mean that their affairs and needs come to a halt. Instead, it means that they might need significant assistance with personal and financial matters moving forward. Not just anyone has the authority to come forward and take over another person’s affairs, however.

If you know someone who might need a conservatorship, you have to follow the proper legal process. Further, someone might seek a conservatorship that you disagree with. If you are in either of these situations, do not wait to contact the Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai to discuss the best path forward with a Santa Ana conservatorship lawyer.

Overview of Conservatorships

Under California law, when a court finds that an adult is incapacitated, the judge can appoint someone to have conservatorship. This individual will have the authority to make certain decisions and handle certain matters to keep the conservatee’s life on the right track and ensure their comfort and well-being.

There are two types of conservatorships:

The same person might serve both roles, or the court might divide these responsibilities among two different people.

When is it Time to Seek a Conservatorship?

It can be difficult to know when is the right time for a conservatorship case. Some older adults might struggle with confusion one day and seem capable the next. Your loved one might seem determined to stay independent, even though you know they are at risk if they do so. A compassionate lawyer can help you determine if seeking a conservatorship is the right thing to do. If so, they can help you start the process by filing a petition with the proper court.

Who Should be a Conservator?

There is a hierarchy of individuals that California courts consider when appointing a conservator. This is:

If a prioritized person is not able or willing to take on the role, they can nominate someone else to the court.

Opposing a Conservatorship

Sometimes, you might believe that your loved one should remain independent or disagree with the proposed court appointee for conservatorship. Loved ones can bring challenges to conservatorship cases, and it is important to discuss any concerns you may have with a skilled lawyer.

Consult with a Santa Ana Conservatorship Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai, we know how complicated conservatorships can be - both legally and emotionally for a family. Your priority is that your loved one is taken care of, but there can be many questions and steps to get to that point. Our Santa Ana conservatorship attorney can help through this process, so please call 714-694-1200 or contact us online today for more information.