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Protect your disabled child with a special needs trust

As the California parent of a disabled or special needs child, you face unique estate planning considerations, and the decisions you make while making plans for the future can have a huge impact on your disabled child’s life after your passing. At the Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai, we recognize that you have many options at your disposal when crafting your estate plan, and we have helped numerous clients facing similar circumstances uncover solutions that meet their needs.

Revocable versus irrevocable trusts: What’s the difference?

Trusts generally form a major part of any California estate plan. You may be unaware that, as explained by U.S. News, these stand-alone legal entities and the assets in them are separate and apart from you and what you own personally. In addition, trusts contain legally enforceable provisions.

Avoiding common estate planning mistakes

Estate planning is an important part of an individual's long-term goals for both personal and professional assets. Financial and legal experts too often see common mistakes in handling a person's or couple's affairs, leading to complicated probate and potentially litigious battles.

What is a holographic will, and is it valid in CA?

You know that you need to address your estate planning, but you’re a busy person. You might feel like you don’t have time to talk to a professional about writing your will. Can you write your own will, and will the court honor it after you pass away? You and other Californians should understand the potential complications that could arise if you write your own will.

How do I choose the executor of my will?

Estate planning is vital if you wish to safeguard your interests while you are alive and protect the inheritance you wish to leave to your loved ones. Therefore, you know that it is important to wisely choose an executor or trustee – the person you designate to carry out your wishes with your will or trust. Since this is such an important decision, you and other Californians might benefit by knowing how to choose the best person for the job.

Can I revoke my power of attorney?

As we have discussed in previous posts on this blog, you have numerous options when it comes to designating a power of attorney. Like many other Californians, you may want a power of attorney to protect your financial, physical and medical rights if you are incapacitated. However, what if you later change your mind? Can you revoke your power of attorney?

What is a springing power of attorney?

As we have described in previous posts, you have several options to raise the chances you will be taken care of if you become incapacitated. Designating a power of attorney can be one of the most effective ways for incapacitated Californians to utilize their own resources and have their wishes honored, while also protecting their assets and their loved ones’ inheritances.

3 reasons why you need an estate plan before turning 30

You may think that estate planning is something best left until your 40s or 50s, when you have some kids and a few assets like a house and 401(k) worth protecting. Maybe you just started a new job or are planning your wedding, so estate planning is just not something on your priority list right now.

What happens if your will is not valid?

As a resident of California, you want your will to be valid. Because of certain state laws, having an invalid will can undo a lot of the work that you might have put into creating your will. The Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai will explain exactly what happens if your will is not considered valid.

Are there signs that an estate dispute may be imminent?

Most Californians create their wills or trusts in the hope that their estate planning will avoid disputes and maintain family harmony after they are gone. Unfortunately, fights over inheritances can happen even with the most solidly-planned will and the closest families. You might wonder how to prevent this from happening with your loved ones.