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Why would I need to hire a professional for an estate sale?

After your parents’ deaths, you may have been stuck with a lot of possessions you have no use for. The figurines and art? Expensive, but not your style. The fine china and silver? You already have your own sets. The living room furniture and the sports equipment in the garage? You don’t have room for all of it. Like other California residents who have inherited items they don’t need, you may be considering holding an estate sale.

How complicated can an estate sale be, you might wonder. As HowStuffWorks points out, estate sales are often more intricate than garage or yard sales. While most people having a yard sale are just trying to get rid of their old junk, estate sales typically involve all the home’s possessions that the heirs don’t want or need – from clothing and knickknacks to antiques and even vehicles. The sale of higher-end items can benefit from having someone involved who knows how to appraise, price and manage these items.

This is where a professional estate sale agent or auctioneer comes in. You stand to benefit from having an agent, who is motivated by a reasonable commission to get a good price for the items. A good agent will handle the estate sale from beginning to end, from pricing and setting up the items, to directing buyers through the property to cleaning up after the sale. He or she will also watch to make sure nothing gets stolen.

It can be smart to hold an estate sale to ensure your loved ones’ possessions find good homes. It may be in your best interest to research and hire an experienced estate sale agent.

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