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Make executor duties manageable

When people become the executor of an estate in California, they may be overwhelmed at the task ahead of them. There are a few ways people can make this task manageable for themselves and keep track of their duties.

When people first begin their duties as executor, they may find it helpful to speak to professionals. According to Bankrate, professionals can help someone understand the different forms he or she needs to fill out to begin the probate process, as well as provide advice about handling the deceased's financial affairs. It is also a good idea for people to locate the will as soon as possible so they understand how the deceased wants the estate to be settled. Additionally, people usually need to make sure they have a copy of the death certificate. Without this document, it may be difficult to perform administrative tasks, such as filing tax returns.

Once someone becomes the executor of an estate, he or she is responsible for protecting all of the deceased's assets. Market Watch says that people generally need to sort the deceased's personal belongings and identify all of the assets. If there is not already a list of these assets, it is a good idea for the executor to create this list. This can make it easier to distribute assets later on. Additionally, if people think something has gone missing, a list can help them identify which assets are still in place.

When people see bills for the deceased, they may think they need to pay them as soon as possible. However, it is important for the executor to remember that paying off the deceased's debts is not always a top priority. It is a good idea for people to prioritize these bills. Some people may want to create a list to keep track of the order in which debts need to be paid.

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