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4 reasons you should call a lawyer

Sometimes life brings up conflicts. These conflicts might be big or small. In the heat of the moment, an issue at hand might feel unmanageable. An emergency is always a good reason to dial 911. Car crashes, house fires and injuries are a justified reason to call. But what about legal emergencies? 

Can I revoke my power of attorney?

As we have discussed in previous posts on this blog, you have numerous options when it comes to designating a power of attorney. Like many other Californians, you may want a power of attorney to protect your financial, physical and medical rights if you are incapacitated. However, what if you later change your mind? Can you revoke your power of attorney?

How is a trust terminated?

You may already know a lot about trusts. Perhaps you have a trust, or you are wondering if anything could ever happen to it. For the most part, your trust is safe if done correctly. So what events can terminate a trust? 

How can I choose the right trustee?

A trust is just one estate planning tool that can be highly beneficial when it comes to managing your assets after you’re gone. However, selecting the right trustee to manage your affairs is usually a daunting task, especially when you have a complex financial situation. AARP recommends the following tips when looking for a trustee to ensure your best interests are kept in mind throughout the process.

What is a springing power of attorney?

As we have described in previous posts, you have several options to raise the chances you will be taken care of if you become incapacitated. Designating a power of attorney can be one of the most effective ways for incapacitated Californians to utilize their own resources and have their wishes honored, while also protecting their assets and their loved ones’ inheritances.