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What happens if your will is not valid?

As a resident of California, you want your will to be valid. Because of certain state laws, having an invalid will can undo a lot of the work that you might have put into creating your will. The Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai will explain exactly what happens if your will is not considered valid.

First of all, there is a law in California that makes it so the state itself will determine what to do with your assets if your will isn't valid. This could be an incredible disservice to you. You may wish for your money or possessions to be divided in a certain way among family or friends, but the state could entirely ignore your wishes.

It can also affect donations that you intended to make with your assets. You can use a will to allocate a certain amount of money to charities that you support, or other non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, these donations aren't guaranteed if the state is in control of your estate.

For these reasons, many people will seek the experience of legal professionals who have worked with wills, trusts, and other matters of the estate before. Due to the incredibly precise way that a will needs to be written, it's better to have knowing eyes on your work.

If you would like to know more about creating wills or trusts, or what you can do with these things, take a look at our web page. Once you understand more about these crucial pieces of planning and maintaining your estate's care, you are free to do

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