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How can I help my parents age with dignity?

None of us want to think about our parents getting old and passing away, but it is an inevitable fact of life. For many senior citizens in California and elsewhere, the golden years can be full of uncertainty, sadness and loneliness. They may feel less useful than before and that their younger family members are leaving them behind as they live busy lives. Fortunately, you can show your parents that they are just as important to your family as they always were.

Focus on the Family stresses that it is vital to involve your elderly loved ones in your everyday lives, regardless of how often you see them. This is especially important if they have physical or cognitive impairments that limit their independence. Asking them to share their stories in a journal or through emails is a good start - even better if you bring over their grandchildren and record your parents as they talk about their memories, life lessons and funny moments they have experienced. This can help your children bond with their elders and want to participate more in their lives. Consider inviting your parents to dinners out, plays or crafting events to keep them socially and mentally active. If they are still mobile, you might also want to include them on walks or bike rides or enroll in a water exercise class with them. Regular exercise can help delay both physical and mental decline.

Make sure your parents know how important they have been to you throughout your life. You can help them feel valued and loved without being patronizing or pitying. The above tips can boost the spirits of aging loved ones.

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