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How do I ensure my pet’s continued care after I die?

For you and many other Californians, your pets are members of your family. However, the law does not see it that way, meaning that you cannot simply leave your property to your animals in your will. Instead, pets are viewed as property themselves. This does not mean you will be unable to have your beloved pet’s needs cared for if Max or Fluffy outlive you.

Is an out-of-state will OK in California?

Perhaps you have become involved in some way with the will of someone who lived in California but who drafted and signed the will in another state. Before you proceed with anything, your top question may be, "Is this will from out of state legal to use in California?"

Where your debt goes after you go

Once you have completed your will or made trusts for your loved ones, you might continue to worry if you have significant debt. Will your relatives be forced to pay off your credit cards or medical bills? What happens if there is not enough left after your creditors are repaid to give your loved ones a decent inheritance? At the Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai, we understand that these are valid concerns for you and other Californians.

What is a medical power of attorney?

If you are a California resident who feels strongly about the type and quantity of medical care you receive, you may wish to consider executing a medical power of attorney that will give someone else the power to make medical care decisions for you if and when you are unable to make them for yourself. Aging Options explains that while your appointed representative can go by a variety of names, such as your health care agent, surrogate or attorney in fact, he or she will be charged with making your medical care decisions in the event a physician determines that you do not understand the decisions you must make and/or that you cannot communicate those decisions.