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What should a beneficiary expect from their role?

Beneficiaries in California may have a lot to learn about their role and responsibilities, depending on whether or not they've been in the position of a beneficiary before. This position does come with certain expectations, however. These expectations can only be determined through careful examination of the exact details of your role as beneficiary and what it means for you. defines beneficiaries as a person who is the designated recipient of either property or other funds. This can be determined by an insurance policy, a trust, or any sort of will. In short, if your grandparent passes away and leaves you their home in their will, you have become a beneficiary. If a cousin leaves you inheritance money, that also makes you a beneficiary. The other dictionary definition of beneficiary is someone who "benefits" from the actions of another person, which legal beneficiaries do.

However, the position of beneficiary does come with the need to understand certain legal roles and responsibilities. You may not have experience with trust administration, but you'll likely need to follow the advice of a trustee. They're the ones who are legally in charge of the trust that you and any other beneficiaries will be receiving your share of funds from, so being on good terms would help everyone out.

Dealing with administrative and financial issues after a loved one's passing can seem like a huge hurdle to overcome. However, when every party is doing their job, the legal process can actually move quite fluidly.

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