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Responsibilities of an estate administrator

Estate administrators in California have many responsibilities on their shoulders. It's also up to them to accomplish a number of different role-specific tasks. These duties and responsibilities can last for years, and are integral to the estate management after a loved one has passed away.

The American Bar Association lists off a few of the common duties of estate administrators. This includes:

  • Examining the decedent's check register and check book for signs of debt
  • Contacting any credit card companies that the decedent owned cards for
  • Searching personal belongings for signs of a creditor

In essence, handling any potential debts or bills left behind by the deceased is of key importance to the estate administrator's duties. Medical expenses also need to be watched carefully and monitored. This is particularly important because inheritance or estate tax returns cannot be filed until the exact total of combined medical expenses has been noted correctly.

The Free Dictionary also states that there are certain general responsibilities shared by all estate administrators. This includes the distribution of assets after a person has passed away. Most tediously, it also includes managing all taxes, debts and assets. A person will need to file tax returns, pay taxes, and deal with any possible debts as the estate administrator. As noted above, the management and collection of assets of the estate can take years to complete.

Being an estate administrator involves dealing with a lot of paperwork and complex legal situations. Many rely on professional help if necessary, as the situation can easily become overwhelming to those without prior experience or knowledge.

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