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Understanding the role of your will's executor

If you are one of the California residents who has made the choice to put an estate plan in place, you should be proud of yourself. This is a very important and responsible step and is one that can give you and your family members a lot of confidence by knowing that your estate will be properly handled after you die. A big part of making sure this happens is about being very clear and detailed in your will. Another component involves your wise selection of the executor of your will.

As explained by Fidelity, great care should be given when identifying your intended executor as even the closest family member or longtime friend may not necessarily have the skills needed to do the job. Talking frankly with the person you would like to do this is recommended.

Among the tasks they will be responsible for are managing all final tax filings for your estate, distributing assets per your wishes, having your assets appraised if needed, collecting any remaining money due to your estate and paying all of the bills for your estate. In addition, the executor will need to file a probate inventory detailing every debt and asset in your estate. They will also need to have a public notice of probate published.

If you would like to learn more about the duties and capabilities required of a person who would be named as the executor of your will, please feel free to visit the executor and probate page of our California estate planning website.

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