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Why estate planning is a must for blended families

If you are one of the many people in California who is looking to get married for the second, third or subsequent time, you should pay special attention to your future estate plans and the time to do this is ideally before you walk down the aisle not after. That said, it is also important to review these plans on a regular basis as life hands many changes that may necessitate adjustments to your plans.

Understanding the role of your will's executor

If you are one of the California residents who has made the choice to put an estate plan in place, you should be proud of yourself. This is a very important and responsible step and is one that can give you and your family members a lot of confidence by knowing that your estate will be properly handled after you die. A big part of making sure this happens is about being very clear and detailed in your will. Another component involves your wise selection of the executor of your will.

How can a will or trust prevent family conflicts?

Family and money don't mix, which is why more people are recognizing the importance of estate planning, and in California, this is twice as imperative. In order to ensure that one's final wishes are properly carried out, seeking the advice of an experienced lawyer can make a real difference. Taking these steps can also avoid creating situations where a dispute over an estate breaks out amongst family members.

Demystifying the probate process

In the wake of a loved one’s death, many people find the prospect of probate overwhelming. They may have heard the term, but do not really understand what the process entails.

Updating a will frequently is a good habit to get into

Before we address the main point of this blog post, we want to implore everyone out there to create a will. Many people don't ever create a will, and as a result their estate is thrown into chaos when they pass away. Having a will allows you to dictate how you want your property to be divvied up when you pass away, and it reduces the chance of unwanted litigation. It also protects your nest egg and all of the assets you have built up over your life.