Assisting Homeowners' Associations In Collections

When residents of homeowners' associations (HOAs) fail to pay monthly fees per contract terms, shortfalls in the HOA budget can soon become burdensome to the whole organization. Likewise, when residents fail to perform required maintenance at the request of the HOA, the risk of a poor example for other residents cannot be ignored.

As a HOA manager, have you struggled to get residents to pay fees or keep homes updated per the contract terms? Your organization or a debt recovery service hired by your HOA can turn to the Law Offices of Roshni T. Desai in Santa Ana with confidence. Our law firm assists HOA management and debt collection services with cases involving:

  • Unpaid monthly fees
  • Unpaid fines for noncompliance with HOA rules
  • Unpaid special assessments
  • Unpaid fees for recreational facilities, garbage pickup or other additional services charged separately from monthly HOA maintenance fees
  • Unpaid judgments stemming from lawsuits against residents for any reason

Perhaps a homeowner outright refused to perform required maintenance. Perhaps a property fell into arrears for unforeseen reasons (such as a medical situation or the death of a resident). Whatever the circumstances, an effective resolution is important — and may require legal action. Attorney Roshni T. Desai and the capable staff at our California law firm are ready to help with:

  • Collection letters
  • Delinquent assessment liens
  • Pre-lien letters
  • Lawsuits to cover damages against the HOA
  • Payment plan setup and maintenance
  • Bankruptcy-related representation
  • Collection and enforcement by all legal methods
  • Foreclosure, when warranted

We understand an HOA's need to resolve financial disputes with residents cost-effectively and efficiently. We will do all we can to keep our fees reasonable and get the job done without delay.

HOA Collection Services — Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

From law offices in Santa Ana, attorney Roshni T. Desai is available to help clients in Yorba Linda and other communities throughout Davie, Davidson and Rowan counties, and beyond. To schedule a consultation, call 714-955-4137 or send an email inquiry through this website.